Sei Shop is upcycled hand dyed and hand printed objects.
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F/W 2020

Chef’s Kiss - a collection of hand dyed table dressings inspired by sea-to-table cookery and bistro aesthetic.
Sold at POOPU Market.

Styling/ Photography: Sarah Chu

S/S 2020
Hand dyed socks and hats
Styling/ Photography: Sarah Chu

F/W 2019

A collection of upcycled apparel which plays between hand painting, sublimation printing, and dyeing to create a depth of color and a unique hand.

Styling/ Photography: Cindy Howlett
Model: Domino Howlett-Cragg

S/S 2019

A collection of upcycled and hand printed apparel inspired by abstract botanicals and playful motifs.

Styling/ Photography: Sarah Chu